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Perceived Effects of Croatian Customs Services Reform: the Opinion of Forwarders from Istarska County

Marija Kaštelan-Mrak, Faculty of Economics, Rijeka, Croatia
Alen Benazić, Customs Directorate, Pula Customs House, Croatia

The reforms of the public sector rank among the most complex problems Croatia has to face in the process of transition and accession to the EU. One of the recent reforms, the Customs Service Reform, offers insights into some of the achieved improvements and may serve as a guideline for reformers in other areas of public management. This research provides evidence of "customer satisfaction" with the functioning of the Croatian Customs System. Conclusions have been drawn based on the responses of 31 forwarders from Istarska County using a 19-item Likert scale. According to their opinion, services have improved in several aspects during the past few years, and accordingly the results can be interpreted as an indication of success of reform efforts.

Keywords:  public services; quality perception; reform results; customs services

Year:  2009   |   Volume:  33   |   Issue:  1   |   Pages:  25 - 47

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 March, 2009
I / 2009
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